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Our team of attorneys at Swisher & Cohrt offers comprehensive legal services for commercial customers. Our services range from legal advice, business entity filings, and transactional advice. For customers seeking transactional advice we offer our expertise for mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, banking transactions, and securities law. 


Call us today and ask to speak with an attorney who can help your business with its next legal challenge. 

Contracts, Mergers, Corporate Entities, Business Law.



Regulatory Filings, Acquisition, Legal Counsel. 

Whether you're running a financial institution, insurance firm, or realty company, our expert attorneys at Swisher & Cohrt have the decades of experience needed to help your business navigate its legal requirements.

We offer extensive legal advice surrounding property transactions, disputes, and related matters. We continue to update our education in current insurance and financial legal requirements and regulations, and we have been serving organizations both locally and nationally for over 20 years. 

For those searching for an attorney to help make a positive impact on their business, look no farther than Swisher & Cohrt. 


Estate Management, Property Management, Property Disputes. 

Our goal is to help our clients preserve, administer, and transfer wealth as simply as possible. Whether you're looking to create an estate to pass down for generations, want to set-up a plan for the unexpected, or are looking to map out the future of your business, our attorneys are here to help you make it happen. With a diverse background in probate, estate management, trust, and wills, our dedicated team can help you ensure all the pieces are in place for the next generation to succeed. 

Give us a call, and start planning your legacy today. 


Claim Filings, Mediation, Corporate.

Our attorneys at Swisher & Cohrt offer representation to individuals pursuing claims based upon personal injuries and wrongful death. Our team has handled claims in connection with toxic torts, premises and construction incidents, vehicular collisions, and more.


The goal in assessing a personal injury claim, is to weigh the merits of and potential value of the claim, ideally moving toward a resolution to the maximum benefit of the client. Call our offices today and see if we can find a resolution for you. 



Litigation Solutions, Corporate Resolutions, Civil Disputes. 

There are countless occasions in both your personal and professional life that may require mediation. For everything from corporate mergers, personal divorce filings, neighborhood disputes, consumer suits, and more; a legal mediator can help two disputing parties reach an agreeable solution. 

At Swisher & Cohrt we believe our role as mediators is to assist you or your business in finding an ideal solution to your dispute. As long as all parties are willing to participate, our team of attorneys can work with you to help determine the best outcome for both sides. 

Call our office today and inquire if mediation services are right for you. 


Employment Policies and Procedures, Contract Negotiations, Employment and Discrimination Disputes.

Whether you're looking to structure your company's employee benefit program, implementing employee policies, or seeking representation for a discrimination dispute, our legal experts are here to help. 

With attorneys specializing in labor and employment law, we can help you navigate the legal waters of running your business or corporation. 

Give our team a call to start working toward your organization's goals today.

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